Calgary Real Estate commission rates. Low Realtor Fees.

Calgary Real Estate Commissions (Realtor Fees)

Our low listing commission is just 1% of the sale price or a flat rate of $4000, whichever is less! And, you give up nothing. We only discount our Real Estate fees, not our service! Our low listing commission covers all our marketing, full MLS listing and professional representation.

The average home seller in Calgary will save about $6,000 using us compared to companies that charge a "7% + 3%" commission! See the chart below for an idea how much you can save.

We will bend over backwards to sell your home for top dollar and guide you through the entire process. Plus, our commissions are only payable when we sell your home. So, if we don't sell it, you pay us nothing. And of course, our home evaluations are always free.

If you'd like more information, contact us now and we'd be happy to answer all your questions right away.

Low Listing Commissions

Our listing commission is just 1% of the selling price or a flat $4000, whichever is less! If your home sells for $250,000 the listing commission is $2,500. If your home sells for $400,000 or above the listing commission is just $4,000. Pretty straightforward.

When listing your home on the MLS you should offer a competitive "selling commission" of 3.5% of the first $100,000 of the selling price plus 1.5% of the balance of the selling price as compensation to the Realtor who represents the buyer. This is what most of the other homes competing with you will be offering and will ensure Realtors will not hesitate to bring their buyers to your property.

Low Cost Realtor, Premium Service

With some discount Real Estate brokerages, services can indeed be scaled back. With us however, you lose nothing! All our clients receive MLS listing, premium marketing plan and full professional representation from one of the best Realtors in the business.

Unlike a mere listing service, where you get listed on the Internet but are then on your own, we are always working as your advocate and in your best interests. We explain everything and walk you through the entire process. When we receive offers, we assist you with our expert negotiation experience and knowledge of Real Estate law so that in the end you have an error free contract that ensures the transaction completes error free.

We even go that extra mile by providing home staging advice, regular feedback and weekly market updates during listings.

Receiving this level of service, all while saving thousands of dollars, is why more than half of all our business comes from repeat clients and word of mouth. Contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Offer Competitive Selling Commissions

You should offer a 3.5/1.5 selling commission.

In Alberta, a buyer's Realtor will have a contract with the buyer outlining what their compensation will be. In most cases, this is a 3.5/1.5 commission which they collect from you the seller. Any shortfall between that and what you offer most likely must be made up by the buyer themselves. Here's why forcing the buyer to pay commissions out of pocket is not in your best interest:

Another reason is because over 90% of the homes listed on the MLS are offering a 3.5/1.5 selling commission. In a competitive environment, you don't want to be the one guy on the block offering less to the Buyer's Realtor than everyone else. By offering a competitive selling commission, you ensure nobody "accidentally" skips your listing because they might earn less from it.

Using this balanced approach to commissions gives you the best of both worlds:

  1. You save thousands because of our low listing commissions, and,
  2. you can be confident all the buyers are seeing your property and giving it full consideration. That's how you sell for top dollar.

And because we have always insisted that all our listings offer a competitive selling commission, we have a great reputation with other Realtors. Nobody avoids our listings!

If you'd like to know exactly what you'd save on your property or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to evaluate your situation, answer any questions you have and provide a free and accurate estimate.

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