Alpha Murray - Broker/Owner of Alpha One Real Estate

How Alpha Murray Compares to Other Realtors in Calgary

Not many Real Estate companies will encourage you to contact their competition, but we welcome it. We believe that when compared to any other Real Estate company in the city, our combination of knowledge, experience and value will be clearly evident.

Below is a straightforward guide on how you can see past glitzy sales pitches when you're interviewing candidate Realtors and determine what they really bring to the table, and then, to showcase how we compare, at the end of each of the 4 sections below we will show how Alpha Murray stacks up in that particular area.

Compare Real Estate Education

Most educational courses available to Realtors are optional. Asking Realtors to provide a list of relevant courses completed is an easy way to gauge not only their knowledge but their commitment to staying current with changing laws and risks. All Calgary Realtors have easy access to a printable list of all the courses they've completed at the Real Estate board. Those Realtors who have taken the extra effort will be more than happy to provide it.

Alpha Murray, has the following list of courses, seminars and certifications undertaken in addition to the basic Real Estate licensing program.

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Compare Realtor Certifications

Additional certifications and specializations exist for Real Estate professionals beyond just their license. When comparing Realtors, be sure to ask if they have any additional accreditations.

For example, Alpha Murray is one of the few Realtors in Calgary who has completed all of the following designations:

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Compare Realtor Licenses

One of the easiest ways to compare the level of knowledge of a Realtor is simply to look at their business card. In Calgary, and everywhere else in Alberta, Realtors will have one of 3 classes of license and this is usually printed on their business cards. If their card lists something like "Realtor" or anything other than one of the 3 licence clases below, you can search for their licence class online. Those licenses are:

The highest class of license a Realtor can hold. Requires completion of 6 extensive courses and 7 comprehensive exams. There is only one Broker license issued per Real Estate brokerage and that person is responsible for the entire company and all the Realtors who work for it. Brokers also regularly receive "Broker Updates" which give advance details of changing legislation and other important information.
Associate Broker
Same educational requirements as Broker, but they are not responsible for the company or any other Realtors. Associate Brokers do not receive "Broker Updates".
Formerly known as "agent", this class of license requires the least amount of education and is what all brand new Realtors have when they are first licensed.

Alpha Murray, holds a Broker License!

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Compare Real Estate Commissions & Services

There is no "standard" or set commissions in Alberta and many companies with some of the city's most talented Realtors offer their services at very competitive prices.

The services offered by Real Estate companies can also vary. Some may simply list your house and leave you to setup showings and negotiate with buyers on your own, while others offer more premium services that provide complete advocacy and assistance throughout the transaction process.

As you may have guessed, our company offers full, Premium, Professional Service including full listing on the MLS database, full representation and a marketing plan proven to be successful over our 15 years serving our Calgary and area clients. We'll keep you updated throughout the listing or purchasing process and walk you through every aspect of the transaction from beginning to end.

Our absolutely-no-pressure approach to property evaluation presentations means you’ll always feel free to interview other Realtors or just "sleep on it" before you sign a listing contract. Professional service starts with giving you the information and time you need to make informed decisions.

When you're ready, we will ensure all contracts are thoroughly explained to you before you sign and all costs you may incur as part of the Real Estate transaction will be identified and explained in advance. We'll provide industry-leading service and we'll do it all while saving you thousands of dollars as our company offers low flat rate listing commissions (to a maximum of $4,000) and $1000 (or more) cash back to buyers!.

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