$1000 Real Estate buyer incentive

Calgary Real Estate Buyer's Incentive Promotion

We know you have a vast selection of Real Estate companies to choose from when purchasing a home in the Calgary area so we're willing to pay THOUSANDS to get your business!

At the time of writing, the average home buyer taking advantage of this limited time promotion will receive $4,500 cash! (see below for details)

And you give up nothing! All our clients receive top notch service and skilled buyer representation. The details of our promotion are outlined below but feel free to contact us if you still have questions.

Cash Back Buyer Promotion Details

Earning thousands in cash is as easy as One, Two, Three!

  1. Agree to use us to buy your home.
    In exchange for a small retainer and the promise of using us exclusively as your agent for a period of at least two months we will agree to limit our compensation to just $4000 or 1% of the purchase price, whichever is more. Because most MLS listed homes (over 90%) will be offering us a commission of 3.5% of the first $100,000 plus 1.5% of the balance of the sale price (3.5/1.5), the seller will most likely offer much more than our compensation agreement with you. All that extra money will go directly to you!
    At time of writing the average Calgary sale price is roughly $500,000. Using that amount as an example, our compensation would be limited to just $5,000. Assuming a 3.5/1.5 commission is offered by the seller, we would collect $9,500. We give that extra $4,500 to you!
  2. Enjoy a first class house shopping experience.
    Whether you already have your home picked out or don't know where to start, you'll get first class service and knowledgeable representation to help make the process go smoothly. The REALTOR® who'll be working with you, Alpha Murray, has over 15 years experience with home buyers and will bend over backwards to help you find your dream home and negotiate a great price!
  3. Move in and get the cash!
    Commissions are typically paid to us from the seller's lawyer about a week after possession day. Once we receive that we'll immediately send you your share of the money. What a nice house warming present you can use to do renos, buy furniture, or whatever you want.

See below for additional terms and conditions

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Receive Professional Buyer Representation

In addition to receiving cash, you will also receive top notch professional buyer representation! When you find the home you want to buy, we'll research the history of that home, and of the other similar home sales in the area to ensure you know what it's worth (many homes are ridiculously overpriced). We'll expertly prepare and explain the legal contracts that make up the offer to purchase, and we'll use our extra training in negotiation to help you get the home for the lowest possible price. Back to Top

Terms and Conditions

  1. A $1000 retainer is required and will be applied towards our compensation when you purchase a property during the term of the contract and forfeited should the contract end without purchasing a property. Should you not find a suitable property within the initial 2 months, we may mutually agree to extend the contract for an additional 2 months with an additional $1000 retainer, or if you wish, you can agree to an initial contract of 4 months in duration with a $2000 retainer.
  2. All retainers we receive will be applied towards our compensation so if you buy a home during the term of the contract that offers us a commission which covers our compensation (as it does in almost all cases), you'll get all that retainer money back.
    For example, if you paid us a $1000 retainer and purchased a $500,000 home which offered a 3.5/1.5 commission to us, we would receive $9,500 from the seller. Our compensation in this case is just $5,000 and because we apply the $1000 retainer from you, we would only keep $4,000 from the seller, returning $5,500 to you (which is the same as the $4500 in the example above, plus your retainer, back).

    In almost all cases, the seller is offering us a 3.5/1.5 commission, which exceeds our compensation on any purchase above $133,333. In those rare circumstances where the commission offered does not cover our compensation, we will apply the retainer towards the compensation and return any excess to you, or if required, collect any additional shortfall from you.
    For example, if you paid us a $1000 retainer and purchased a $500,000 home which only offered a flat $3000 commission to us, we would apply that $3000 from the seller and the $1000 retainer towards our $5000 compensation, leaving a shortfall of $1000 which we'd collect from you. As you can see, the retainer does not result in any extra fees above what you'd pay without a retainer, it is simply a guarantee for us that we will make some money when we start working with you which is how we can offer this great deal (we are weeding out the tire kickers who take up our time and don't buy anything). We'll make sure you always know exactly what you'll receive/pay before you make any offers and because over 90% of MLS listed properties offer a 3.5/1.5 commission, it's easy to exclude any that won't result in a cash back situation if you want.
  3. The spirit of this promotion is intended to attract new clients who are not currently represented by another brokerage and therefore:
    1. can only be applied towards your first purchase with us. Your second or any subsequent purchase with us can still earn you cash back as we would offer a 2.5/1.5 compensation which is typically $1000 less than we get from sellers which means you'll typically get $1000 cash back on any additional purchases!
    2. would not apply if you are under a buyer contract with any other REALTOR®.
  4. To ensure you get the best possible service, we may limit the number of concurrent buyers we accept under this offer. Depending on the needs and schedules of the individual buyers, the number may vary. For example if we currently have 3 buyers who typically view several homes each on Saturdays and you can only view homes on Saturdays, we'll likely wait-list you until one of those buyers has entered a firm purchase contract.
  5. If you're thinking of buying new construction, you can still take advantage of this promotion if you do it in a way that ensures the builder pays us a commission. Typically this means we need to "introduce" you to the builder. So make sure you engage us before visiting the showhome! We will then accompany you to the builder show home and "register" you, and then when we get paid, you get paid. Sometimes builders will even pay out before possession day.
  6. We may end this promotion at any time. If we end this promotion, this web page will be updated to reflect that. So if you're reading this, the promotion is still valid. Hooray!